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ADGM Insight Forum

28 October 2019

On 28 October 2019, Abu Dhabi Catalyst Partners and ADGM hosted the ADGM Insight Forum at ADGM. The Forum convened over 70 key stakeholders of the ADGM, including members of the business, legal and compliance communities. It fostered an active and engaging dialogue among the stakeholders about the ADGM, its current position in global finance as a place to do business, and how stakeholders can work in partnership to promote its interests.

ADGM-Insight-Forum-1.jpg ADGM-Insight-Forum-2.jpg ADGM-Insight-Forum-3.jpg ADGM-Insight-Forum-4.jpg ADGM-Insight-Forum-5.jpg ADGM-Insight-Forum-6.jpg ADGM-Insight-Forum-7.jpg ADGM-Insight-Forum-8.jpg ADGM-Insight-Forum-9.jpg ADGM-Insight-Forum-10.jpg ADGM-Insight-Forum-11.jpg ADGM-Insight-Forum-12.jpg ADGM-Insight-Forum-13.jpg ADGM-Insight-Forum-14.jpg